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AGRIVI web app

The AGRIVI app is an advanced farm management platform designed to streamline agricultural operations. It offers farmers a range of tools for planning, monitoring, and analyzing their farming activities to increase efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the app provides valuable insights and data-driven recommendations to help farmers make informed decisions for their crops and operations.


AGRIVI mobile

The AGRIVI 360 mobile app project was initiated to create a multi-platform mobile application that mirrors the AGRIVI web application's capabilities. Emphasizing a map-based interface, the goal was to ensure that all functionalities correspond seamlessly with the map, enhancing the user experience in agricultural management.


eAdviser mobile app

Multiplatform mobile application eAdviser (eSavjetnik) is a unique tool designed to assist Croatian farmers. This app, which is part of the ongoing process of digitizing public services in agriculture, serves as a central hub for farmers to access vital information for their agricultural production and administrative needs.


eTurtle web app

We already had all the needed features with the mobile app, but why not round out the entire citizen science information system with eTurtle web app? We designed and developed this beautiful app with thoughts on responsiveness and usability on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


Digitalna komora

Digitalna Komora is a cutting-edge web platform partially developed by our team to revolutionize the way businesses interact with the Croatian Chamber of Economy. This comprehensive web application serves as a digital gateway for businesses, offering a range of services and tools that streamline various administrative and business processes.


BWI web site

When you are dealing with such a great team as scientists from the Blue World Institute, the final result is promising. We designed and developed this site for BWI to help them raise their voice about the importance of conserving animal species and the environment.


eTurtle mobile app

We started the project by taking a few workshops with the Project Manager, establishing functional requests, processes and objectives for the product. Taking into account the user's comments we built an UI/UX design and after that we went to develop the app.


Euroturtles website

This was an easy one, we got the whole structure from the client and were handed with open arms when making an UI/UX design and the result was delightful. The client liked the design from the get-go, so we just went on with frontend and consequently wordpress development.

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