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Story behind the project

Multiplatform mobile application eAdviser (eSavjetnik) is a unique tool designed to assist Croatian farmers. This app, which is part of the ongoing process of digitizing public services in agriculture, serves as a central hub for farmers to access vital information for their agricultural production and administrative needs.



Project Duration

1.5 years



Project overview

The eSavjetnik project was initiated with the ambitious vision of revolutionizing agricultural resource management for Croatian farmers. The primary goal was to develop a comprehensive, all-in-one mobile application that would integrate multiple existing agricultural applications into a singular, user-friendly platform. This innovative application was designed to put a wide array of essential agricultural tools and information directly into the hands of farmers, literally on their mobile devices.


To achieve this, the development team chose NativeScript as the primary technology, leveraging our advanced knowledge of Angular. This choice was strategic, as NativeScript enabled us to build a high-performance, cross-platform mobile application that could seamlessly integrate with various services and provide an excellent user experience.

Real-time localization

Map integration

To provide users with real-time data in the most effective manner, we integrated Google Maps into the eSavjetnik application. This integration was pivotal in visualizing the locations of agricultural advisers in real time. The map feature displays advisers as clustered icons, enabling users to easily view their distribution across different regions. When a user clicks on an adviser's icon, a bottom sheet pops up, providing detailed information about that specific adviser. This feature not only enriches the user experience with interactive mapping but also ensures that farmers can quickly and conveniently find and connect with advisers near them.

News and push notifications

A significant feature of eSavjetnik was the integration of news content originally authored on the web into the mobile application. To achieve this, we established a live feed that would automatically fetch and display the latest news articles within the app. This integration ensured that users always had access to the most current information relevant to agriculture and farming practices. Additionally, to keep our users engaged and informed, we implemented a push notification system. Every time a new news article was added to the website, a push notification was sent out to the app users. This feature was essential in ensuring that users received timely updates without the need to constantly check the app for new content. The notification system was designed to be unobtrusive and user-friendly, allowing farmers to stay updated on the latest agricultural news and advisories with minimal disruption to their daily activities.

Offline accessibility

Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted access to information for farmers, especially in areas with unstable internet connectivity, we implemented an offline mode in the eSavjetnik app. This feature allows users to access critical information about advisers and plant protection products even when they are not connected to the internet. To facilitate this, we enabled the app to download and store the latest data whenever a connection was available. This data included detailed profiles of agricultural advisers and comprehensive information about various plant protection products. Once downloaded, this information was stored locally on the user's device, ensuring that it remained accessible even in offline mode. The offline mode was carefully designed to update the stored information automatically whenever the app detected an internet connection, thus ensuring that the farmers always had access to the most current data. This functionality was particularly crucial for farmers working in remote or rural areas where internet connectivity could be sporadic. By ensuring reliable access to essential information at all times, the offline mode significantly enhanced the usability and effectiveness of the eSavjetnik app for its primary users.

Results & tech stack

Over 0 users connects to advisers

Real-time weather data from over 0 weather stations

The latest data on plant protection products

.NET Core


The development of eSavjetnik marks a significant milestone in digital agriculture. By successfully integrating various applications and services into a cohesive platform, the project has significantly contributed to the modernization of agricultural practices in Croatia, demonstrating the potential of digital solutions in enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the farming sector.


Enhanced Accessibility

Farmers gained access to a wide range of tools and information through a single application


Improved Decision Making

Real-time weather updates and agricultural advice enabled farmers to make more informed decisions


Increased Efficiency

The digitalization of services reduced the need for physical transactions and paperwork, saving time and resources

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