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Digitalna komora

How it was to be a part of the team that revolutionized the entire system?

Digitalna Komora is a cutting-edge web platform partially developed by our team to revolutionize the way businesses interact with the Croatian Chamber of Economy. This comprehensive web application serves as a digital gateway for businesses, offering a range of services and tools that streamline various administrative and business processes.



Project Duration

2 years



Project overview

The development of the Digitalna Komora project was a collaborative effort involving our team and other renowned IT companies, including IN2 and Perpetuum Mobile. This partnership was instrumental in restructuring a comprehensive system to cater to the dynamic needs of businesses engaging with the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK).


Collaboration and Team Dynamics

Working alongside industry leaders like IN2 and Perpetuum Mobile, our team was able to leverage a wealth of technical expertise and insights. This collaboration facilitated the sharing of innovative ideas and best practices, ensuring the delivery of a top-notch product.


The collaborative environment fostered a unique blend of skills and perspectives, enabling us to tackle complex challenges effectively and create a more robust and versatile platform.

Admin module development

Our primary focus was on developing the administrative part of the app, designed exclusively for the use by members of the HGK. This module was tailored to meet the specific administrative and management needs of the Chamber, ensuring a seamless and efficient operational flow. The combination of PrimeNG and DevExpress allowed us to create a highly streamlined workflow within the admin module. These tools facilitated the implementation of features such as data filtering, sorting, and real-time updates, which are crucial for administrative efficiency. This integration ensured a seamless operational flow and significantly reduced the time and effort required for various administrative tasks.

High-performance backend

Backend development for web application

We were also responsible for developing the backend of the web application, which serves as the foundation for the entire platform. Our work in this area was crucial in ensuring that the application was scalable, secure, and capable of handling the diverse needs of all users. In developing the backend of the web application, a key enhancement was the use of Dapper and stored procedures, which played a significant role in ensuring super-fast data fetching through the API. Dapper, a highly efficient Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool, streamlined our interactions with the database, allowing for more rapid query performance and data handling. Combined with the use of stored procedures, this approach facilitated a more efficient and secure execution of database operations, significantly enhancing the speed of data retrieval. This integration was essential in providing a robust, scalable, and secure backend, capable of accommodating the diverse and evolving needs of all users of the Digitalna Komora web application.

Key role

Ensuring seamless integration

A key aspect of our role was to ensure that the administrative module and the backend of the web app were seamlessly integrated. This integration was vital for providing a cohesive user experience and maintaining the integrity of the platform's functionalities.

Results & tech stack

0% time reduction in staff management and business registrations

0+ business sectors digitalized

Simplified documentation access

.NET Core
SQL Server


The collaborative effort resulted in the creation of a sophisticated, user-friendly platform that effectively revolutionized the way businesses interact with the Croatian Chamber of Economy. By focusing on the administrative module and the backend development, we played a pivotal role in shaping a system that is not only efficient and secure but also adaptable to the evolving demands of the business community. In summary, our participation in the Digitalna Komora project exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions through collaborative efforts and technical excellence.

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